E Bee Global Solutions is a cutting edge tech Company.

Fusing Data and Content
We build Omni channel solutions, that revolutionise the customer experience by marrying data and content at the right place (channel/device) and right time (24/7).

Our Omni channel offering is made up of 5 layers:

Layers 1, 2, and 4 make up our Omni Channel BHIVE Engine.

Micro service architecture, state transition workflows, orchestration wizard….and did we mention kick ass! Our engine takes tech to a new level, setting an omni channel foundation that amalgamates experience, content and data.
BHive engine is an Omni channel workflow oriented, micro services framework. It has an online web channel specific componentized front end that allows for a separation of concerns between the UX and business logic. All you need to do now is add your own business logic through our accelerators.

Layers 3 and 5 make up industry specific Accelerators.

These accelerators contain business logic specific to an industry. For example, in retail, your business logic rests on your customers, buying experience inventory, orders and so forth. Our retail accelerator gives you retail specific business logic and user interfaces that accelerate your time to market, because we have done most of the hard work for you. Because you own your own accelerator, you are in the driving seat of what future features, functionality and logic you want for your business. No other Enterprise Commerce/Content solution gives you this flexibility and ease of use. Welcome to the cutting edge!

Some of our unique differentiators include:

Seamless Content and Data integration. Content and data are integrated in the middleware.

Micro Services based headless, modular integration architecture. Out of the box integrations with leading industry wide frameworks.

Configurable Immersive, De-coupled experience management with support for themes and skins.

Engineering Excellence with processes to set up Continuous Delivery easily.

Support for Omni Channel from the ground up. 

A ready made, configurable, functionally rich accelerator for Omni Channel Commerce.

If you are a B2B2C Retail/Distribution Enterprise, learn about our cutting edge Omni Commerce Accelerator

BHIVE Engine

Our omni channel engine is the world's first micro service architecture based, workflow driven framework that marries data, content and experience from the ground up. Enterprises in any industry can use the BHIVE Engine to provide an omni channel experience to its end customers/users.

Commerce Accelerator

Built on top of the BHIVE Engine, our Omni Commerce Accelerator is an out of the box feature rich modular extension for B2B2C Retail/Distribution Enterprises. We cover the full commerce lifecycle, of prepare, transact, fulfil, and learn. Applying your own rules has never been easier with our open Accelerator.

Partner With Us

If you are looking to ‘accelerate’ your client deliveries, and offer your clients a cutting edge platform that gives them functional flexibility, then shift left with EBEETM. Get your team trained on functional and technical best practices through our Partner Certification Program.

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We are always on the look out for individuals who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. EBEETM provides an entrepreneurial environment for its members to learn, contribute, and flourish, with a strong sense of ownership in R&D and execution.