EBee Engineering

engineered to evolve

There are no short cuts in evolution.

- Louis D. Brandeis

We know that it takes a systemic approach to engineering to help us build a product that can evolve. In E-Bee, this is a core principle in our product design. Here are some principles that we keep in mind to ensure that we have engineered our product to evolve:

Modular code blocks - Not monolithic

Monolithic products contain all the functionality packed together in a big package. Monoliths cannot change easily. They are too big for that. We believe in modular structures. Our code is so modular that we liken our code packages to LEGO blocks. The LEGO blocks can be assembled in different ways to form a code project that is exactly right for our clients.

EBee Code Block Structure

An accelerator by design

We don't develop products. This may sound strange. But it is true that we don't think of our offering as a product. We instead think of it as an accelerator. An accelerator that is in turn composed of multiple frameworks. An accelerator that leaves room for extensions but at the core enforces certain principles that are uniquely ours.

We have a retail accelerator that demonstrates how this is done. But it is just as easy to build other types of accelerators. These can be specific to domains. Or can vary even within a domain.

EBee Retail Accelerator

Extension Hooks

We talk about event driven development. We wax eloquent on messaging. We obsess over components. SOA is so twentieth century. We have moved on. On to micro services. On to sophisticated orchestration of components and services. On to service discovery. We love technology but we keep it simple. We built simple, robust frameworks that work very well with age old principles with today's technology.

Extensions and integrations are incorporated into our offering by design. Not as an afterthought.

Anyone up for REST over HTTP? JSON? XML? Messaging? JMS? File based integration? Event Driven development? You are covered!

EBee Extensions