Omni Channel Commerce

Brick & Mortar Enterprises don't want a pure play E-Commerce system, as they serve their customers through multiple channels. More and more retailers have realized this truth. Now, they are looking for Omni Channel Commerce solutions instead. That is where the EBEETM suite shines.

The EBEETM Commerce suite has been engineered from the ground up to be Omni Channel. This means that we are familiar with notions of multiple inventory sources, sellers, channels, stores and fulfilment centres. So instead of wrestling with your E-Commerce system to become a market place you have a system that knows all about market places already. This also means your system knows that a product inventory exists in multiple inventory sources that belong to multiple sellers. You are dealing with a smart system that can adjust its pricing according to the seller that the customer is interested in buying from.

In fact, in our Commerce Accelerator, an order can happen in any channel between a seller and a buyer. An order can be broken down into multiple shipments that can be traced from multiple inventory sources to a fulfilment centre or a zip code. This broad definition encompasses all the E-Commerce orders, store orders and even can apply to secondary and tertiary orders. This kind of flexibility is indeed rare. But that is how we do things here at EBEETM. We quibble about concepts that people take for granted. We redefine concepts such as orders, cart, sellers, buyers, stores and the like.

Our Omni channel solution redefines functional flexibility.

Omni Channel Commerce
The EBEETM Value Proposition

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Support for Marketers

Lest you think that we are mere back end source code slingers, we do want to assure you that it is not the case. We love front end. We love dynamic web sites. We have a penchant for marketing. We want to blur the distinction between content and data. We want to do this with speed.

And here is where we come to our greatest secret sauce. We love components. Our product is one of the rare ones that has a component stove pipe that extends all the way from the deepest recesses of your back end systems to the web browser at your client machine. If this conjures up images of a system that has compromised security, don't be worried. We obsess over security.

EBee Marketing Support

Scope of functionality

So what is it that we do? We developed several separate products in addition to some cutting edge frameworks. We unify them all in a modular way to create a great Omni Channel Commerce accelerator. Here is a brief overview of the functionality of EBEETM Omni Channel Commerce:

In short, we automate the entire commerce life cycle. We help our clients to "prepare" for their customers. Next comes the Transact phase where we allow our clients to navigate the purchase funnel of their customers. Afterwards, they enter the Fulfill phase. In this phase, they fulfill the orders placed by their customer. Finally, we allow our clients to learn from their transactions and do further preparations.

EBee Commerce Life Cycle

Modules of EBEE Omni Channel Commerce

Here is a quick overview of our core modules:

Order Management System

  • Order Management from inception to fulfillment.
  • Truly Omni channel, can easily handle click & collect shipments as well as traditional "ship-to-customer" shipments with ease
  • Extended Market place features such as sharing inventory sources amongst sellers and stores also serving as a fulfillment centers
  • State Transition Machine driven workflows enable greater control and flexibility in managing the lifecycle of Orders, Shipments, Cancellations etc.
  • Shipment creation and routing behaviour can be customised with required business logic with minimum code change.
Order Management System

Core Commerce

  • Handles complex scenarios for cross/up selling of products using offer/discounts functionalities.
  • Search and analytics modules.
  • Take action on customer behaviour based on click-journey/purchase history and questionnaires.
  • Highly secure with complex internal validations to ensure error free checkout.
  • Complex inventory & pricing engine intelligently handles multiple prices & inventories while showing relevant messages to the customers. Inventory Pricing Engine also handles optimized delivery allocation.
  • Ease of configuration for multiple payment gateways.
EBee Core Commerce

Experience Management System

  • Experience manager provides complete control over the look and feel of the website
  • From the conventional banner management, image management to state of the art ‘page containers’, marketers have immense control of the website real estate.
  • Modular approach to page building allows user to rearrange the components and container, thereby giving a whole new look to the website
  • Theme and skin builder allows you the luxury of having one website with varied experiences
Experience Management System

Product Inventory Management System

  • Configurable product lifecycle management (PLM) allows for flexible rules of enrichment and publishing a product and its variants.
  • STM driven workflow that lends security, stability as well as simplicity to the induction and enrichment process
  • Multi variant compliant from ground up with ability to extend multi variants in an omni channel and market place setup
  • Supports multiple prices and inventories for the same item, with ability to add a custom pricing behaviour with minimum code change.
  • Support for different domains by the use of domain specific ‘Product Types’
Inventory Management System

Our Sellable Blocks


  • Product Introduction
  • Variants
  • Categories
  • Catalogues/Channels


  • Orders
  • Shipments
  • Refunds
  • Returns
  • Order Console

Content Only

  • EXM
  • Web site

Full Commerce

  • Commerce accelerator
  • Cart
  • EXM
  • OMS
  • PIM

Commerce without OMS

  • Commerce accelerator
  • Cart
  • EXM
  • PIM

Headless Commerce

  • No B2C UI (E-Bee console still exists)
  • Cart
  • EXM
  • PIM (optional)
  • OMS (optional)

Engine Frameworks

Our core engine frameworks are equally compelling. The following frameworks in the BHIVE engine, helped us to create our cutting edge commerce offering. However, they can just as easily be used to create other new offerings. Learn more about how they work:

BHIVE Framework

  • Our Core Micro Services framework. It allows us to write sophisticated micro services and allows them ...


  • Glass is our front end framework that utilizes the services provided by the eXm to host front end ...

State Transition Machine (STM)

  • A sophisticated Java 8 based state transition machine that processes State Transition Diagrams (STD) ...

Orchestration Wizard (OWIZ)

  • Orchestration Wizard allows the orchestration of small commands to make them into sophisticated ...