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A tree stands strong not by its fruits or branches, but by the depth of its roots.

- Anthony Liccione

EBee BHIVE Engine

No matter your industry, every business today is striving to create powerful, immersive experiences that result in delighted, loyal customers. From engaging through online research, to reviewing customer feedback, to getting the ‘touch and feel’ of a product in-store, to finally making that purchase through a kiosk, the brand experience needs to be seamless and personal, at a mass level.

The key to providing truly immersive customer experiences, while at the same time optimising inventory and internal processes, requires being ‘omni’ at your foundation. That means you need a 360 root visibility of data, content and experience. Most solutions today rely on multiple integrations across channels to bring visibility at any peripheral level. This is costly, painful, and ultimately will be replaced by a more efficient way.

Introducing the EBEETM BHIVE Engine. Our cutting edge BHIVE engine is omni channel from the ground up, by marrying relevant data and content at the right time, to provide seamless, personal experiences. Whether your industry is banking, healthcare, retail, education or hospitality, your roots can now truly be omni by combining our channel agnostic backend with our channel specific front end.

The EBEETM Value Proposition

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Layered Architecture

1 Workflows

  • A sophisticated Java 8 based state transition machine that processes State Transition Diagrams (STD) and uses them to drive the state workflow for various State entities such as Orders, Carts, Shipments and even products.
  • Can be configured from XML files and a database
  • Orchestration Wizard allows the orchestration of small commands to make them into sophisticated chains of commands.
  • OWIZ commands can be controlled from the accelerator. Hence OWIZ can be used to change the commands that can be used, their ordering etc.
EBee Orchestration Wizard

2 BHIVE Framework

  • Our Core Micro Services framework. It allows us to write sophisticated micro services and allows them to communicate with each other seamlessly.
  • Allows for self orchestration with a global services registry.
  • Allows the same code to be used with multiple protocols (HTTP, JMS) and formats (JSON, Java serialization)
  • Supports SOA, Event Driven Development, Jobs etc.
  • Support for engine equivalent to front end components.
EBee Micro Service Framework

3 Content, EXM, Data

  • Content brings in pre-formatted content from various CaaS (Content as a Service) sources. Portions can be stored in the EXM, but a full-fledged CMS like CAAS is recommended.
  • Experiences are configured by the EXM - the maintainer of experiences. The EXM customizes the UX from the back end and allows personalized customization of the user experience.
  • BHive Data Engine components rest here. We have built an Omni Channel Commerce Engine for B2B2C Enterprises. However data can be obtained from new engines as they come up.
  • The BHive data engine provides Data, Content and Experience services to the Glass. BHive also integrates with back end databases, external systems etc.
EBee BHIVE Data Engine

4 Glass

  • Glass is our front end framework that utilizes the services provided by the eXm to host front end
  • Glass acts as a channel specific view controller which interacts with the engine to obtain data, experience and content and calls the view with all this information.
  • This cutting edge controller is built with world class innovative technologies like react/node js and redux js.
  • Glass supports components, themes and skins.
  • The engine can dictate the particular theme or skin that should be used for a particular customer interaction.
  • Themes dictate the page layout while the skins dictate the colour, font and other details of rendering within the page.
  • Glass therefore puts a presentation veneer over both content and data.
EBee Glass a Front End Framework

5 Front End

  • The Front end layer provides the channel for a customer to communicate with the system.
  • Browsers use CSS/HTML/Java Script etc. Front end components allow modularization of the User Experience.
  • Front end will additionally have a local store for reacting quickly to events.
  • Communication between front end and Glass is via HTTP. This is OWASP compliant. It can be continuous or request based depending on the actual needs.
EBee Front End Layer

If you are an Enterprise, or System Integrator interested to know how the BHIVE Engine can
accelerate your omni channel deliveries in Banking, Healthcare, Education, Telecom or any other industry,
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