The EBEETM Value Proposition

Our Philosophy Shift Left

Traditional SDLC
It has often been said that it is not the starting point but the destination which matters. While that is true, it is also true that you can reach the destination faster if you move the starting point forward. This means that you don’t start from scratch. You leverage on what you got already and build on top of it.
EBee Shift Left Philosophy
Our Shift Left philosophy is all about empowering you by providing these assets that you can build on. We give you an accelerator, a bunch of extensible modules and a methodology to build on top of them. So you don’t have to start from scratch. Shift Left simply moves your timelines to the left. As simple as that!!
The EBEETM Value Proposition

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BHIVE Engine

From the ground up, our omni channel engine marries data and content to provide the experience. This allows for personalization at a mass level. There is a clear demarcation between a channel specific front end and a channel agnostic back end.


On top of this framework, we have built industry ready accelerators that allow you to hit the ground sprinting! Gone is the need to develop from scratch. Now you have an accelerator that contains the toughest code in built with extension points. Personalizing features and functionalities at the enterprise level, has never been so easy and fast.

Continuous Delivery

EBEETM engineering suite consists of an approach towards Continuous Delivery, Load & Performance and a fully automated service suite that allows teams to do the hardest things first. Continuous delivery pipelines foster fast time to market for new features, keeping your customers delighted, and your business at the top of the food chain!

E Bee Component Modularization


In its truest form, modularization means independent functional units that stand and scale alone. EBEETM is modularized end to end, with independent engineering suites too! Modularization enables activities to be broken down into smaller chunks and fosters parallelism.
EBee Themification


EBEETM offering comes with guidelines for components, themes, skins and micro services that enable quick prototyping and development. The engine can dictate the particular theme or skin that should be used for a particular customer interaction. Themes dictate the page layout while the skins dictate the colour, font and other details of rendering within the page.
EBee Knowledge & Guidance

Online Knowledge Hub

EBEETM has developed a comprehensive readme website to disseminate knowledge of its products. On readme you can find detailed functional, technical, QA and deployment material on the BHIVE Engine and the Omni Commerce Accelerator modules together with tutorials, approach documents etc. Need further guidance, no problem – reach our dedicated support team who are available to clients around the clock!